What is Home Staging?

In a nutshell, Home Staging is the professional preparation to sell a property, appealing to a larger number of potential homebuyers in order to sell it faster, and at a higher price.

Home staging has become essential in today’s competitive real estate market by giving homeowners the necessary edge to sell their properties. Unfortunately, busy schedules make it very difficult to properly stage their homes; a professional Home Staging service can help overcome this challenge.

By modifying decor elements that might turn off potential buyers, Home Staging will help homebuyers visualize themselves living in that space; these elements include changing and rearranging the furniture to improve walkthroughs during showings, adding visually attractive and neutral decoration, artwork, and table/floor lamps that enhance the atmosphere with light and colour.

We love to help and work together with homeowners to make the selling process a positive experience and ease the stress that comes with selling a home. We use less distracting visual elements to create a more refined and classy look, which is also modern and inviting. Less is more!

The old mantra “Location, Location, Location” is not enough without a professional Home Staging